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Fabian Lance 2019 First Ballot Grammy Nominee - Best New Artist - Best Contemporary Instrumental Album - Best R&B song (Charlayne Chyp Page-Green) - Best Traditional R&B Performance (Crazy Love) - Best Arrangement Instruments and Vocal (Round Midnight) - Best Improvised Jazz Solo-(Round Midnight - James Saxsmo Gates & Fabian Lance Soloists)


 Fabian Lance will be featured on


TAP THE MIC RADIO with Host Gail Scott-Key

 October 23rd @ 8pm, October 25th @ 8pm and October 27th @ 6pm.

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 and listen to us talk about my latest release "Reminisce".



  Fabian Lance will be Live on hosted by  Wardell Potts  October 24 @3:30pm , Copy the link on your browser 

Fabian Lance was nominated for and awarded the 2014 Best Jazz Keyboardist of the Year Award at the 2nd Annual Black Men Rock Image Awards on June 16,2014 in v


Fabian Lance

More to come

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